101 tons total weight loss at Doctors Diet in a year [Report]

Through the latest global DNA testing technology, provided by DNA Diet-England to determine the most appropriate food for each person, which enables you to reach perfection within a few weeks, the Doctors Diet team has been able to achieve and generalize community health for all its 9,000 customers in 7 countries in just one year.

The DNA technology for determining the appropriate food for each body is the latest in the world to enjoy a healthy life free from diseases caused by obesity, and enables the participant to get the food he prefers and matches the results of his examination and without any sports activity, to reach his ideal weight within a few weeks. Bema Sydykova, general manager of the Dubai branch, who is responsible for the spread and expansion in the Middle East and the Arabian Gulf, stressed that in a market with multiple needs for community health and in societies where nutritional choices have become easily accessible and limited to fast food, the desire to obtain the most appropriate food for each person has accumulated through determining the food tolerance of his body and preventing it from obesity-related diseases, and we are always happy when we have provided our service to more than 300 new subscribers in each country we are present in on a monthly basis, and to achieve community health for all of them.

Luma Hamam, Nutrition head and general manager of branches in Jordan, confirmed that we are very happy to achieve and popularize community health in Jordan and the region, and that the participants’ vision of good health is the goal that we are proud to achieve. She added that the total results for achieving community health through to 9,000 participants with a total of 101,000 kilograms Weights loss and we seek to double the results and successes in the coming months. It should be noted that Doctors Diet is operating in UAE, Jordan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman and Bahrain, with 9000 subscriptions in a year they are all now enjoying a wonderful healthy life experience.

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