10th Cloud: The Perfect Place for a Rising Star [SwanoDown Report]

Reported by Grayson Jones

If Cloud 9 is a state of delight and pleasure, then the 10th Cloud is the ultimate destination we all should strive to reach. When we fall just short, we land on Cloud 9…And that’s okay!

On your stride to reaching the 10th Cloud, encountering the inspiring talent manager David Smith may be on your journey. Smith founded 10th Cloud by doing what he loves; spreading positive messages and encouragement within his community. What began with just house parties evolved into something much more potent.

We sat down with Smith to discuss how his studios and music production have transformed 10th Cloud from a Project X-themed venture into a beacon of positivity in the Baltimore community. David stated: “
At its core, 10th Cloud is an urban growth and urban development company.

Booking DJs, venues for up-and-coming artists, and many other forms of entertainment, David emphasized the importance of starting with like-minded individuals while remaining open to everyone. David has produced and managed music for people from various backgrounds, including those involved in less constructive lifestyles, yet always focused on creating optimistic music.

When we asked Smith about his future plans for 10th Cloud, he shared his exciting vision: “Once we solidify 10th Cloud as this positive entity, I’d love to open up a 10th Cloud Memphis or 10th Cloud San Antonio… like 10th Cloud spread across the entire U.S.” At Swanodown, we hope the culture David fosters spreads like wildfire throughout the Baltimore community. As for their team within 10th cloud, we expect the talented artists to make just as much noise as he has in the coming seasons.

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