4gmusiq ft. Shad- Mind Games (SwanoDown Report)

Reported by Imani Wj Wright

"I said, what is you thinking? Open your eyes when you blinking." 

We all listen to music for varying reasons. And admittedly, at times, those reasons may not be the most elegant or pleasant. But that's fine. It's a part of the human experience.

Using outlets to help us feel, understand, and expand can be needed. It takes a certain level of vulnerability along with transparency for an artist to develop these feelings with their audience. So, when you listen to the lead guitar, and vehement vocals on Mind Games by 4gmusiq ft. Shadit's not difficult to feel the sentiments being shared.

4gmusiq told SwanoDown: 

"I wanted listeners to think of a time where they were intensely speaking with someone, but never made that next step, eventually getting over that person and letting them know they aren’t in their thoughts anymore. I intended for listeners to get that 'Imma do me' vibe since you playin games." 

With the tone of this piece being relatable, one may also feel that it is also personal. 4g chimed in on that.

He stated: 

"I always write a song for myself in the first draft. Once the song is complete, I try to find out how to convey the same messages through more relatable phrases and popular rhyme patterns. Every new song is made to be catchy. Every hook is made to be a caption on an Instagram post, but at the end of the day, there is truth to each song and in order to get it out I MUST write for myself first."

A heartwrenching track, full of redemption...

Take a Listen:


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