A3O- All Night (Track Review)

Written by Miles Monroe II

This is a jam that will make you have all the fun in the world with your girl– embracing one another's presence and living in the moment. A3O’s newest single, All Night, is one of those traxks with an infectious beat, which makes it hard not to dance to. It’s the lyrics that really stand out to me. They're options that he gives to his lady so she can know that it’s all love. Women want you to be honest with them, that’s all they really want (I think). The lyrics are intimate, yet, inviting because he’s willing to move at her pace. As long as he can have all night with her, what they do will not matter.

I definitely see this as a song that could potentially blow up, especially with platforms such as TikTok. All Night, has the bounce of a club record and as a song to play at home with your lady. A song about a man catering to his woman’s needs, those are instant plays when you’re in a relationship. A3O has something that can lead from dancing in the club or in your living room, to the bedroom– instantly.

Make sure you check out his latest single, All Night, available now.

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