Aaron Joseph Russo- Real (Track Review)


Written by Miles Monroe II

Aaron Joseph Russo crafted a dope two-part song titled, Real, that I suggest no one to miss. You won’t even want to skip to the second half of the song, the first part is just as good. Real is one of those songs that you go off the feel of the music being played, and not the lyrics. Don’t get me wrong, there is some great songwriting in this piece. The vocal effects enhance the sound quality and give us a cinematic listening experience. The love has to be real in order for relationships to work, not only with a significant other, but within business and family dynamics. You can’t half step it, or else you’ll get those same results. 

This was a very solid vocal performance from Aaron, as well as on the guitar. We go from uptempo to that slowed down version, sorta’ like the come down from a beautiful high. I can see the irony in that. Love from the right person can have you on a tremendous high and bring you back to earth when it doesn’t pan out. Real carries all the emotions of love, taking you on the rollercoaster ride of your life. 

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