Aaron Taos x Lonely God x Huron John- Control Remix (Track Review)

Written by Imani Wj Wright 

This is a track that got me out of my seat- immediately.

Most of the time, while I'm listening to a piece, I like to be settled down and relaxed. When I'm in that state, it helps be more focused and analytical of the song at hand. But, then there are songs like, Control, that make it nearly impossible to not get on your feet and rock with the tune. 

The guitar play on this piece shows a grand display of musicianship. The lead, and bassline are all insanely groovy. It feels like a set of wheels that just continue to turn and turn. 

For the entirety of the piece, from the singing, to the rap/spoken word portions, none of these deliveries are standard. Though, they fit succinctly within this track. A level of excitement and rebellion bursts through this track, and I'm looking forward to the world hearing this joint!

Listen to Control: 

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