Abc Dialect- You (Track Review)

Written by Kayla Allen 

Abc Dialect is a group that creates music influenced by many genres, but mainly Samba and Latin jazz. I instantly felt euphoric and soothed listening to their single “You.” Even though the topic of the song is heartbreak, the fanciful vocals and mesmerizing rhythm make it so easy to fall into a day dream.

You, is a song I don’t at all mind having on repeat.

“Wherever you are look up to the sky, you are not alone, it may take a while to find new love, I’ll just sit out here and feel how time goes by...” Those lyrics tell a story of hope and understanding to assist the artists as well as the listener. Abc Dialect’s sound is 80’s reminiscent, so I definitely heard parts where it felt classic, nostalgic and relaxing, much the same as Sade’s “The Sweetest Taboo”. I love that Abc wants us to feel, to be still, to reflect and make a point to the listener that we all go through it.

“You” is a combination of different musical influences and you can hear the diversity throughout every aspect of the song. Abc Dialect has great power to swoon the listener into euphoria and I am here for it! If you are a R&B lover there’s no way you won’t want to add “You” by Abc Dialect to your everyday day playlist.

Check it out:

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