Abel Meri- Black Lives Matter (Track Review)

Written by Miles Monroe II 

A powerful statement piece that ties into the current climate of racial injustice. The term that we have been chanting for several years since its inception, Black Lives Matter, is given a proper title song by Abel Meri. 

On Black Lives Matter, Abel speaks on the recent events that have led up to this movement as well as the build up. Since 2014, we’ve had to defend this slogan and educate those who don’t want to understand our fight.

On this track, Abel is showing off his lyrical ability with metaphors, to describe the pain going on in the world right now. The creativeness behind this song was exceptional. He even flips the blue lives matter slogan to pay tribute to Nipsey Hussle.

“They say blue lives too, I agree

Nipsey was a blue life...”

He’s well versed in the historical moments that have shaped the landscape of racial injustice, referencing the LA riots in 1992. He grimaces at the fact that we have to say Black Lives Matter. Though it's true, we shouldn’t have to say it. There’s no way unarmed Black men and women should lose their life at the hands of officers who are supposed “to protect and serve."

I suggest playing this song at high volume and as many times as possible. Abel Meri has a song to add to the playlist for the movement going happening today….

And arrest the killers of Breonna Taylor. 


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