Advice- I Told You (Track Review)

Written by Chris Yangello

The art of creating a song is no easy task. From the vocal recording to the beat production, the lyric writing to the publishing, all of it can be a very difficult process. When you see an artist self-produce a song entirely on their own, it’s oftentimes worth giving it a listen.

Meet Advice, he’s an up and coming artist whose focus is to incorporate references about overcoming bad times in the form of his high-quality music.

Recently, Advice dropped a track titled “I Told You,” which does exactly what was aforementioned above- it comprises Advice’s talented vocals and impactful lyrics into one blend of a song. The first time I heard “I Told You,” I had mixed opinions. While I enjoyed every second of it, it was hard to resonate overcoming bad times of my own. By the third time I listened, I felt like I could believe the references that were being made.

If you’re looking for an artist that will genuinely move you through his lyrics and talented song-making skills, be sure to check out Advice using the Spotify link provided below. If you’re in search of his social media, feel free to look no further than Instagram as a platform to connect with him.

I Told You by Advice:

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