Ahmad Qadah- Asking Why ft. MONEYMADEJRR [SwanoDown Report]

Reported by Imani Wj Wright 

"They ain't really your bros..."- Ahmad Qadah

There's certainly a science within the intricacies of many art forms- take musical theory or the intersecting of colors in painting as examples. When it comes to science in the traditional thinking of the word, there isn't much room for debate or interpretation often. The answer is what the answer is. However, while dealing with art like cinema, literary, and music- audiences can have the same piece of work in front of them, and internalize them in several differing ways. That's the beauty of something like music, we can curtail it to our needs.

As listened to Ahmad Qadah's single "Asking Why" ft. MONEYMADEJRR, I could easily see audiences taking the record and making it work for varying citations they may be in. As "Asking Why" begins, there is a somewhat somber, but simultaneously melodic atmosphere with JRR's production, and Qadah's humming/singing. The listener's ears are piqued with interest as there is a bit of suspense with where this track may go. If it's your first listen, it seems to have the potential of being a record that becomes up-tempo, or conversely, melancholy. Actually, in regards to the content matter, and soundscape, it's simultaneous.

Qadah explores the themes of betrayal, self-assurance, and loneliness throughout "Asking Why". Even though one could use this piece to find comfort in their feelings, or find solace in not being alone in their struggles, this track also has the rhythmic qualities to get you moving a bit, simply enjoying the music.

Check it out:

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