Akinyi Ragwar, aka Fitsonme- Continues to Establish Herself In The Fashion World

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Fashion is an inspiration and to many, an art form. Clothes are obviously essential in terms of practicality, but making your style unique to yourself is a significant form of expression. Fashion is ever-evolving and has gained a community of individuals dedicated to pushing the boundaries of clothing. Magazines like GQ, Vogue, and Vanity Fair have been staples in the evolution and popularization of fashion. Whereas, on sites like these you can appreciate new movements in the fashion world, there is not much allowance for discussion. These sites limit the conversation and don’t transparently allow readers to chime in and share opinions. That’s where Fitsonme (Fashion is Trends and Style on Me) comes in. Fitsonme is a fashion blog run by Akinyi Ragwar, A fashion designer, entrepreneur, working professional, fashion blogger, and stylist. 

Only in her 30’s, Akinyi and her brand have amassed over 200k followers on Instagram and garners thousands of viewers on her blog posts. What can be deduced about her style is that it's very focused on color. In most, if not all, of her fit pics she has distinct matching pieces. Below is a picture from Akinyi’s blog that features a colorful dress, white jacket, and white shoes. The outfit pops with the colorful, sherbet like dress and is crisply coated with a white jacket and white netted heels. The white brings out the rest of the colors as it gives the dress a base to truly draw eyes to the centerpiece of the fit.

Having traveled the world as well as having partnered with major brands such as e.l.f., Sugarfix by Baublebar, Boombod, Farfetch, and a multitude of others, Ragwar offers her input for closet essentials and how to utilize them in several ways. She optimizes some of the same pieces and implements them in ways where you would not recognize them as the same item. This is the type of versatility that some people wish to have. Fitsonme helps with this, acknowledging the importance of the quality and usability of clothing items. 

“We are all different and unique in our own right, and remember you can be a fashionista or a fashionisto. Remember, keep it classy, and I hope you will come on this journey with me!”- Akinyi Ragwar

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