Alae- Please (Track Review)

Written by Miles Monroe II 

A sexy summertime vibe that is sure to set the mood for your significant other. Alae didn’t come to play when releasing their newest single, Please, from their new EP, Lucy’s Mix Tape. Light a candle and spread out the rose pedals for your soulmate with this one here. The lines are blurred when it comes to whether it may be a pop or an R&B song, but it’s simply good music. One of the positives I took from the song was the pitching of Alex Farrell-Davey’s voice. Being from New Zealand, their sound may take longer to surface to the United States because we catch on to music late. Please may very well be a hit that has that crossover ability stateside and bring in a vastly new audience. 

We forget that other countries are either influenced by American artists or their own country's artists. This, in turn, creates a natural blend of cultures into one unique sound. That’s our mistake for not catching on to music that is great and not within the 50 states. Sooner or later, we’ll realize that incredible music is made all over the world every day. Please is no different and is a song I’d put at the top of my playlist. Alae has all the ingredients to being a top tier band Please is just the tip of the iceberg for them.

Check it out:

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