Alec Turner (SwanoDown Report)

Reported by Chris Yangello

Staying motivated is something we could all use improvement on. Whether you’re someone who sets goals every single day or someone who takes things one step at a time, figuring out new and exciting ways to be productive is very important. While some people are advocates of to-do lists or reminders set on their phones, others are more engineered towards looking at modern solutions to improving productivity.

One modern solution to improving productivity is finding a source of motivation and something to work towards. Meet Alec Turner, a professional tattoo artist of seven years from Portland, Oregon. Whilst searching for his own source of motivation, Alec knew that his biggest one is his role as a father. Currently raising a 14-month-old baby boy, Alec works hard to ensure the success of his son.

However, it’s not just Alec’s passion of being a good father that helps him get through his day-to-day life, but his motivation towards developing a strong mindset to fuel his life’s ambitions. There’s a lot that we can learn from Alec Turner. Most notably, ensuring that you have time off and time to yourself is extremely important to establish a fundamental work ethic that won’t lead to burning out. Alec Turner truly knows what his ambitions in life are. This is incredible, as not every person does. At the end of the day, you have to respect his desire for success, and that’s why I give a big “props to you”, Alec.

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