Alex Banin- Hawthorne (Track Review)

Written by Parys Wyatt

A hopeless romantic’s hopeless romantic, Alex Banin gives us Hawthorne, a moving ballad that many of us who catch ourselves “loving too hard” can relate to. The intro piece to the song honestly had me fooled — this is not your regular indie song. As soon as the beat drops, Alex instantly shoots us into flashback mode, with a hint of speculation. “Used to hit it like a high note/Baby where would this thing go/If I packed my bags for the city/And I left this place tomorrow?”  Y’all … my chest. Lines like this introduce the listener to Alex’s own story of heartbreak, while also simultaneously inviting them to reflect on their own past loves lost. 

Alex allows us to reminisce vicariously through her work, and re-acquaint ourselves with the pain of realizing that at a certain point in a relationship, you may have been the only one still in love. For those of us who just love love, this tends to be an incredibly hard pill to swallow, especially when there’s nothing you can do about it. For this reason, Hawthorne definitely screams, “ADD ME TO YOUR BREAKUP SONG PLAYLIST!” It’s meant for those moments when you just want alllllllll the feels, and that’s okay! Do yourself a favor and get it all out with Alex Banin’s Hawthorne, you’ll thank me later.

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