Alex Charles & Clifton Williams- Let There be Peace on Earth (Track Release)

Written by Imani Wj Wright

Singer, Alex Charles, and pianist, Clifton Williams release a gorgeous and heartfelt rendition of, Let There be Peace. 

Alex and Clifton performed, Let There be Peace, as a tribute to the late, George Floyd. 

The amount of passion and precision in Alex's voice is downright chilling. Every pitch Alex sang felt like it had a purpose. This is so much more than a song- a heavy message is being told through the music. The voice control he displays is nothing short of professional. It was clear, Alex was fully intact with the meaning and strength of these lyrics. 

Adding to the performance, Clifton's piano play did not miss a beat. The color, tone, and dynamics were all in place to make this listening experience quite memorable. 

Listen to Alex and Clifton's rendition of, Let There be Peace, below

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