Ali Kulture (SwanoDown Report)

Reported by Chris Yangello

Trap music is a genre loved by many, yet understood by most. With so many artists putting in an indescribable amount of work, this corner of the music industry is extremely competitive. Oftentimes it can come across as a struggle to find quality trap artists in a field so competitive and diverse. However, with enough looking, finding an artist that’s right for you can be rewarding and satisfying. One of these high quality artists (who deserves much more notability) is Ali Kulture.

Born in Pakistan and raised in San Jose, Ali Kulture has been working on defining himself as an artist for quite some time. Even though his development as an artist has been a trending piece of his artist identity for some time, he is still a fairly new artist in terms of “blowing up” in the music scene. There’s a lot to dissect about Ali Kulture’s current success, starting with his social media playing a key role in what makes him identifiable. With over 125,000 followers and a coveted blue checkmark, Ali has his social media game on lock. Ali Culture's music is also available on all streaming platforms. This sounds like a simple task, but it realistically takes a lot of maintenance and effort to ensure each and every one of his releases hits each streaming store on time.

However, social media aside, Ali’s music is very much capable of doing all the talking. His melodic style and intense lyrics make his trap music unlike the rest. There’s so much to learn by listening to Ali Kulture’s music that helps you understand exactly where he is coming from. For example, his track “SUPERHERO” is one that was deemed “Genius-worthy” by the popular music company. With a hard hitting sound and a soothing flow, it’s no wonder that tracks like this make Ali Kulture such an impressive new face in the modern day music industry. If you want to hear what Ali Kulture is up to, check him out on Spotify now!

Superhero (Spotify)

Pray You Change (Spotify)

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