Alice Bloom- Satellite (Track Review)

Written by Imani Wj Wright 

Have you ever come across a song several times,  and at first, it didn't really resonate with you? Maybe a friend was playing it, or the DJ at your favorite club kept it in rotation. And for whatever reason, you hear it again- then it hits you: "This song is actually dope."

Yeah, I've experienced that as well, just not with this tune...

When this joint first begins, the soundscape is created immediately. There's a heavy jazz influence within the opening measures. The vocals are mellow, a tad bit raspy, and sit nicely in the mix. "Chilled out" vocals can easily get lost in the instrumentation, causing beautiful vocals to go unheard. Never was the aforementioned a problem here. 

The same horn that can be heard accompanying the vocals early in the piece, stay constant throughout. It's tone is solid, and adds a great dynamic to Satellite. The transitions from varying moods in the composition are also executed nicely. 

Take a listen for yourself:

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