Altur Santos (SwanoDown Report)

Reported by Imani Wj Wright 

We all come to art for several reasons. And because of that, we tend to explore different art forms depending on our mood and social scenario.. Movies typically go well with dates, as music typically goes well with parties. Though, as true as that all is, we don't always want to separate and divide the two art forms. We may want the visual and audio at the same time. What's that sound like? The full package? Yes. So when I think of an artist who has both an enticing aesthetic and grasping sound, I think of Altur Santos.  

While listening to Santos' latest piece, titled, La Combi, I become highly impressed by his consistent performance. 

Throughout the piece, Altur gives us melody, passion, and an undoubted "bounce." But it even goes further that his sound. Altur's songwriting is creative, relatable, and fun. A Combi is a three-piece oven, but the beginning of the video begins in the snow. Quite the juxtaposition. Definitely not what I expected. When you continue to watch the video, you can see it shows even more of Altur's personality. He's confident, and moves in a way that shows that. He is in full command and control of his composition. That's what we like to see in an artist.

Take a Listen:

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