Amar Thirty– Not Made 4 Luv, Pt. 2 (Track Review)

Written by Pat Moran

Riding plangent electric piano chords and a dreamy haze of 3 a.m. closing time atmosphere, Amar Thirty’s sprightly falsetto conveys a yearning promise on “Not Made 4 Luv, Pt. 2,” but it’s not the kind of heartfelt soul-baring we’re used to in classic, or even most contemporary, R&B. 

With its soulful trip hop infused vibe, the track may sound like an upbeat love song, but a closer listen to the onomatopoeic lyrics and Thirty’s caramel-coated croon and pointillist singsong delivery reveals a litany of lust, a playful paean to promiscuity.

“Swimmin’ in different women/Plenty of fish I’m swimming’ in”

Sonically smooth, down-tempo and enveloping, Thirty’s caressing cadence is a contradiction. The backing track alone may cue an undying declaration of love, but it’s a fake out that tells the truth, stealth R&B that is nakedly honest – with an accent on the naked.

“Baby said she want it/Front stroke/Back stroke/Long stroke/Get out your head girl, that’s in the way girl/want it/ Front stroke/Back stroke/Long stroke/Baby don’t think about it too much”

Despite the tune’s subject matter, Thirty’s lyrics and almost chirpy delivery dance to the precipice of “player” braggadocio, but avoid tumbling into the misogynist abyss precisely because he celebrates a sense of play. “Not Made 4 Luv, Pt. 2,” is about as threatening as Olivia Newton John’s 1981 dance floor hit “Physical,” but it’s sexier and a lot more explicit. 

“Baby ain’t no love ting I know/She my side hoe, dive in my girl/Sliding/ Baby ain’t no love ting I know, she ain’t viable/I ain’t idle/I know” 

This is purely a physical fling, Thirty is saying, but what’s wrong with consensual rutting? Sometimes men and women aren’t looking for undying love. Sometimes they simply love to fuck.  

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