AnAlyzer- Velour Freestyle [Track Release]

Written by Imani Wj Wright

Photo by Mike Jon

"You might've made it to the team, but you was cut shortly..." - AnAlyzer

One of the best engineers on the east coast took a second from the mixing boards, and hopped back in the booth.

Olu Nelson, better known by his stage name, AnAlyzer, has been producing and engineering artists for the past few months, following his EP, Worth the Wait. Today, we get a chance to hear Nelson's lyrical prowess on his latest release- "Velour Freestyle". The track is filled with potent delivery, and shows a visceral insight into Nelson's seemingly one sided encounters. "Now you mad, I ain't speak to you for 4 days. Last time that I checked, phones work both ways," AnAlyzer rapped on "Velour Freestyle".

In under 2 minutes, Nelson's sentiments are delivered in a way that you can't help but feel.

Check it out:

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