Aname' Rose- Good Feeling (Track Review)

Written by Miles Monroe II 

Call me bias, but I am definitely an R&B guy who appreciates tunes that give you a glimmer of optimism. The best man doesn’t always get the girl, or vice versa. Aname’ Rose provides us with that nostalgic sound that promotes optimism, on Good Feeling

It’s almost as if we are walking through a field of fireflies with our soulmates, hand in hand. This is one of those feel-good records that will be a girl’s best friend when they think of their bae.

"You listen to the universe, look at the signs, so do I ya pretty thing I move with the water, the wind and trees baby please, say you’ll be mine..."

She took it to another level with the songwriting, going beyond the basic measures of saying how someone is "making you feel." Aname’ gets so vividly creative that we automatically understand what she means. What might have been on the tip of our tongues, is expressed on Good Feeling. Sometimes, there are factors that come in between knowing who is good for us and who isn't. Those factors could be past trauma or friends projecting their fears upon us, even when there is no reason to. Block out the noise and jam with Aname’ Rose. 

Check out Good Feeling:

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