Anna Bergendahl- Vera (Track Review)

Written by Miles Monroe II 

Whenever you hear an uplifting song, it can either have you believing in yourself, or have no effect. Vera has such an effect sonically that, anyone who hears this song, should automatically feel a sense of calmness and eagerness to accomplish their goals. Placed In the right key and tempo, this is a piece that could unlock the potential in someone. I give big kudos to Anna Bergendahl, she approached this song with such grace, it couldn’t have been done better by another artist. She has a never give up attitude that is pleasant, yet encouraging for people who may feel that life isn’t going their way.

The songwriting on Vera was outstanding, particularly because it didn't have any basic or standard lyrics. She puts thought into them and has the audience using their imagination to see the pictures that she paints. There are never enough compositions to help someone going through certain life struggles. This is typically due to preference. Vera could be the song that helps a person really get back on their feet when the other ones couldn’t. Anna delivers a wonderful performance on the title track from her newest project, Vera. You can check it out, along with the project, on all DSPs. 

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