Anoopina- Cash OUT (Track Review)

Written by Grayson Jones 

Flying in from a drip-infested lifestyle, we have, Anoopina. This dynamic duo from Los Angeles, California has been dropping music since 2018 on all major platforms. These two ladies strengths include delivery, harmony, and lingo. Coming from the city of Hollywood’s home means you have to have ‘it.’ A common colloquial for ‘it’ is drip. Drip is a lifestyle, confidently lavish - to put it in better terms. "Cash OUT" consists of trap-rap melodies, 808’s bussin’ out of my speakers, and literal drip in the production of the track! The instrumentation has a wavy sound to it that goes great with the theme. 

The bars are what separate these women. They exhibit some serious confidence, “I can make you feel exotic, If you say I’m from the streets go check my mileage.” Each artist in this group has shown potential to be an empowering emcee. Touching some common topics in rap, the song has a vibe you could twirl something up to. Riding around with your homegirls bumping Cash OUT doesn't seem far-fetched to me at all. With artists like Rico Nasty, Meg the Stallion, and Saweetie, making a footprint in an aggressive rap style for the ladies is an open market right now. 

Listen to Cash OUT:

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