Antonia x Yoss Bones- Dinero (Track Review)

Written by Parys Wyatt 

In less than a day, I indulge into the commercial pop style displayed from Antonia and Yos Bones. The musical duo made a better song than most. Dinero, is a radio-busting track and a great example of mainstream music in Romania. From the songwriting to the dynamic explosiveness, Dinero has plenty of things to appreciate.

From a musical perspective I am at a club. Brass muted trumpets - a symbol that represents a grand appearance. “¡Me gusta bailar!” or I like to dance, was the theme here. The songwriting is edgy and leaves room for lust,fun, and excitement. 

Antonia is an established artist in my eyes. I think that veteran status she earned stands the test of time here. For whichever language spoken, it is clear  the intention of Antonia and Yoss bones throughout the piece. Instrumentation couples the main points. Melodically, Antonia and Yoss are neck and neck in some spots like during the 2nd verse. A unique delivery for unique artists. Better yet, the trumpets follow the same melodic tone in a call & response type-manner. 

Down to the milliseconds, Dinero wastes no time getting the crowd accumulated to the energy transpired during recording. The duo continues to make an impact into the music industry through some of the most lucrative platforms. Spotify, over one million monthly listeners, youtube 500k subscribers, and Antonia being the Instagram sensation she is with over 2.6 million followers. It’s not like they just popped up here. They have been playing the grounds for their success for quite some time. We at Swanodown are privileged to have critiqued early greatness from these two.

Excited to hear more! Loosen up and listen to Dinero by Antonia and Yoss Bones out now!

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