Antonio Buchanan: Building Wealth & Spreading Knowledge

Reported by Miles Monroe II

“Everything that I’ve done this far in my career has prepared me for a different level that I’m going to.” 

— Antonio Buchanan 

His lengthy and wide ranging portfolio is a sight to behold, given that he has excelled in each step taken to his success. Antonio Buchanan, also known as “AB” and “Mr. GQ”, discusses his growth over time along with some tips on how to get started in the specific fields he works in. AB’s background includes being in the military, where he credits his fearlessness when completing missions, in business and in the battlefield. His wealth of knowledge extends beyond working for government agencies and into the boardroom as he is a CEO of a highly successful investment group that deals with real estate in all facets. His path to success is built on faith, hard work and having relationships within the business world, something he really prides himself on. 

As versatile as AB is with his varied set of skills and knowledge, his moniker “Mr. GQ”, reflects on his professional look and his love for suits, being a chameleon “operating at the level you want to be, not the level that you’re at.” This is why he believes in giving 100% effort with everything, from work assignments to offering help. The impact it has on the business side coincides with his keen sense for details, which can be beneficial to any company.

“I Actually Practice What I Preach,” Said Buchanan.

During a conversation with SwanoDown, his passion for real estate exuded throughout his vocal tone. He explains his introduction into real estate and what steps should be taken when starting out. He stresses the importance of a mentor and how beneficial it is having someone to help maneuver through certain mistakes because they are inevitable. He talks about how greatly having a mentor had an effect on him, which resulted in him acquiring his first property in Baltimore. In total, he owns “33 doors and has over $1 million in assets”, which shows the hard work and dedication he talks about throughout the interview. “Whenever they are looking to actually build wealth, you can’t be halfway in and halfway out,” Buchanan stated. AB brings a wealth of knowledge and has intentions of sharing it, especially with his recently released book “Building Wealth Through Real Estate with AB”.

His success story is motivation to go all in with what you are passionate about and trust God always.

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