Anuka- Berlin (Track Review)

Written by Grayson Jones 

Anuka is a singer/songwriter that has achieved several early milestones for a rising star. The song under review from her is titled, Berlin

From my first listen, Anuka was introduced by an electric guitar, the only word I could come up with is tranquility. From my first time listening, I was at peace. She’s almost going for a swim in my ear canal by how soft spoken and present she can sound. The song leads to an airy atmosphere where Anuka was introduced by an electric guitar. the only word that I come up with is- tranquility. If uptight or anxious, these arpeggiated instruments will bring ease to your mind. 

I believe the lyrics are more meaningful to Anuka, but the sound can generate peaceful thoughts in anyone. What separates her from other artists is her storytelling. She’ll set the mood pervasively with moments as simple as a cup of coffee. How easy is it to admire harmony? Depends on how pervasive an artist is. If even for a second, you can be relatable to someone, you have successfully completed half of what it takes to be a singer/songwriter. Anuka is not caged to the style of this song, her diversity reached 448k listeners last December. Take a minute to enjoy Berlin, out now.

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