Issey Cross- Funfair (Track Review)

Written by Kayla Allen

Romantic relationships are all fun and games until you realize you just might be a little toxic– but you are not alone.

Issey Cross is taking us in circles on her single, “Funfair.” Issey’s voice comes on to the song with absolute grace and excellent lyricism. “No I can’t understand why you’re right there, when I treat you so badly how’d you still care?” It sounds like Issey is unintentionally playing games and now she is piecing together just how the relationship is still standing. I love how fun the instrumental is, I want to describe it as a smooth pop beat with a hint of carnival throughout, which really adds to the theme of the song “Funfair.”

“No I don’t mean to F- with you I swear, I take you round in circles like a funfair,” Even Issey’s flow throughout the song keeps you locked like a amusement ride!

The song “Funfair” is on Issey’s EP called “Mirrors Don’t Lie” and I’ll just say, the title is so fitting. Her sound is undeniably effortless! Issey Cross is definitely a new favorite and you have to add “Funfair” and the rest of “Mirrors Don’t Lie” to your savage playlist! 

Check it out:

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