Noven Jaisi (SwanoDown Report)

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Language. The essential tool used by nearly every living creature on the planet. Since its invention, language has been the main pillar of communication and expression. Without language and it’s evolution, we as human beings would be stuck, never truly breaking a vital barrier to help us understand. Even today, words and actions are still misinterpreted despite clear definition as people come from different backgrounds. Writer and philanthropist, Noven Jaisi, uses his quotes to enlighten the people of the world. 

Whether it is false information or hate speech, it can weigh on the viewer. Jaisi’s goal is to advocate psychological fitness as well as enhance the quality of life. With each quote he implores that people find something within themselves to focus on, as to make a better environment for people around them. “Everytime I judge someone. I reveal an unhealed part of myself” is a perfect example of half the items we see covered in the news as racism, sexism, and common prejudice hinders society. Another quote from his Instagram that stood out to me was “Nothing will fulfill you more than being of true value to others. And nothing will depress you more than solely focusing on yourself”. I find much power in this statement because so many people become recluse, bitter, and jaded at the idea that people are an important part of life. Whether you are hated or loved just know that the way you live your life truly affects others. 

What I noticed most about his quotes is that to truly connect with them, you must be willing to empathize. The last quote of his that I will speak on is this, If you felt the pain of the people that hurt you, judgement gets replaced with compassion, [and] hatred dissipates.” People should notice that if anything,on a civil level is done to you, it is best not to retaliate in a wicked way. It hurts the soul and ultimately damages you going forward in life. The best you can do is assess and distance yourself in these times. Where it is not always easy, later in life that reflection will be one of many that piece together a clearer message of the world. 

If you are interested in reading something influential and worthy of reflection, check out Noven’s page on Instagram @novenjaisi. 

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