Xkhraig (SwanoDown Report)

Written by Grayson Jones 

Xkhraig is back yet again with a beautiful love song. I was seconds into a washed up Spotify playlist drowning my ears to the same frequencies when I was put onto I Think She’s Perfect.

Xkhraig took his time weaving some intimate imagery into this funky tune. As a musician, Xkhraig utilizes his background to give us the spiciest of deliveries. Songs based on yearning for a significant other are in abundance making it rather difficult to cultivate a cutting-edge sound. It takes a special type of style to bring uniqueness to the genre. The style of Xkhraig seamlessly pours into this track. To really get an understanding as to where he stands as an artist, it’s best to look into all of his music. 

Xkhraig is a singer/songwriter from Jamaica who provides unique insight through his songwriting. A personal favorite of mine is a song called Hard Life. The track gives a perspective of what he perceived growing up and how hardship can turn the youth into resilient strong pillars of society. The music is still in good taste with what Jamaican culture stands for. ‘Wholesome yet riveting,’ is a good phrase to describe the lyrical style of Xkhraig. 

I Think She’s Perfect is performed over a rather commercial/funk instrumentation. Xkhraig does an excellent job making the track his own by adding harmony, and enticing elements throughout. There is a phenomenal vocal rant towards the end where Xkraig scats over the phrase “I Think She’s Perfect!” This is where I can hear some unveiled potential within Xkhraig’s artistry. Hitting the ground running is Xkhraig. You can hear more of his music being aired on Dancehall/Reggae radio shows around the country! Look into his  The single is out now on Apple Music, Spotify and many more! 

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