Asheera- Alignment (Track Review)

Written by Kayla Allen

Asheera is a soulful singer and musician, healing through music.

She definitely makes it her focus to heal, find purpose and create. “Alignment” is Asheera’s new single produced by Lambeau. This track is personal and introspective. She talks about the importance of self alignment and choosing your own path. Asheera sings with such soothing confidence, her vocals are wavy and sonically pleasing which just adds to the easing factor of her music. 

“Always on the move, when’s the last time you had some time with just you,” Asheera is singing about her experience, my experience and your experience. Most people don’t know where to start, but we have to understand our place and perspective “What’s the relation, I’ll make the connection with my own reflection”.

“Alignment” is for all people but I feel it touches black communities intensely due to our ancestral trauma as well. Self alignment is something that is typically not taught regularly in society today and I’m so pleased to know we have an artist like Asheera willing to help heal.

Her new EP Refined will be coming this Fall! If you don’t have a Healing playlist start now and make “Alignment” by Asheera the first song to connect to your divine self:

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