at the crib.- 40 in the Friendzone (Track Review)

Written by Grayson Jones

The song under review is 40 in the friend zone, at the crib. are artists, that when joined, create lyrical melodies with as few and simple words as the song title itself. A vibe if you will...

Immediately, into the hook of the song I am at ease. Enticed by the dissonant sounds and strong chords, I am impressed with the overall composing of the piece. The blends from the acoustic guitar tied in with this muffled white noise of a female vocalist are present since the beginning of the track and rise to clarity at the chorus. 

From artist to listener, most musicians are looking for that moment of umami. I'm referring to the savory seconds that hold a song together, this is what you listen a whole two minutes for, just to hear that one part- one more time. Addicting to the ear and resonant to the mind. It’s hard to follow up such sounds. When I hear 40 in the Friendzone I hear a popular group called, The Hics, a well known duet in the U.K that started their career with songs just like 40 in the Friendzone  These reverberated melodies set the bar quite high for the artist in the second verse. The vibe was lost at times here, but the group as a whole, each give their own sprinkle of ‘vibe,’ which to me, makes it more unique. Maybe this was not his song, but diversity within the group leave their potential a mystery for us. 

Check it out:

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