Austin Taylor- Only Want You (Track Review)

Written by Grayson Jones 

Hey, Grayson Jones here. We got one. Austin Taylor, with this out-the-box new single, Only Want You. This piece has that *pop* to it. To myself, (in secrecy) I said: “Woah, hold up Austin.” the second I heard the opening  line that says “I only want you-ooo-ooo-ooo-oo, oo.” I cannot make this up, I am in my living room hitting notes I have never hit until I heard Austin Taylor.  This man is touching octaves like Shawn Mendes, but the song is only how Austin could make it. 

As for the instruments, what holds the excitement for me is the arpeggiated guitar lick. This lick is consistent throughout the song and has its moment of shine in its most simplistic form at the end of the song, as a resolution. It is amazing to me how a simple guitar melody can make or break a song. Austin lyrically is spittin’ some game to a woman that he has had his eyes on for what sounds like forever. The duration of the song is a little short, but maybe it’s because the drive and tempo from this piece keeps you bouncing as you listen to Austin's intuitive story. Even though he specifically says he’s not running a game in this song, I’m not buying it. The seductive lyricism can only come from someone as pensive, eloquent, and genuine as someone truly in love. 

Austin Taylor has created a gem here in 2020. And with this voice, he is going to have some problems finding free time away... from a booming music career. Get some dopamine flowing in you with the pleasurable melodies from the rising star, Austin Taylor. Only Want You is out right now! 

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