Ava McCoy- I hear you (Track Review)

Written by Kayla Allen

“I Hear You” by Ava McCoy is harmonious, euphoric and funky. When the song begins, you will hear soulful elements of R&B and indie rock influences that effortlessly complement the layering of Ava’s vocals. She informed us that she wrote this song about the early stages of love and how uneasy it can feel sometimes. It makes so much sense for this song to feel and sound whimsical with an underlying feeling of intricacy. “The sky is breaking, there’s something aching, it would be nice to see some clarity.'' These lyrics are beautifully aligned with their purpose! All throughout the song she harmonizes her vocals, but I love how fresh it feels to the ear.

Towards the end of the piece, Ava repeats “I hear you” and it’s confirmation to her lover as well as to the listeners. Confirming untapped thoughts or feelings that may surface while you may be experiencing the same thing in relationships, or even with yourself. 

I myself can’t wait to hear what else Ava McCoy has brewing for her upcoming album!

“I Hear You” is dynamic and open! Ava is taking us through every stage of love in such a unique way. You should definitely add “I Hear You” to your lovers playlist to promote a sound heart and calm mind.

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