Ayzha Nyree- Noya (Track Review)

Written by Grayson Jones

Noya, is a virality waiting to happen. This year, Ayzha Nyree brings us a single, used as an opportunity to set the record straight on where she sits, and plans to stay in the industry.

I say she is a virality on the verge of fame based on her lyrics and style. When the instrumentation first came on, it reminded me of Remember the Name by Fort minor. The almost-arpeggiated Viola notes bring a sense of urgency to the peace. I was fully expecting Ayzha to come in with some DMX type of energy– luckily I was wrong. Instead, she vocally approached the piece  in one of the most intimate argumentative tones I’ve heard in a song like this.

The flex begins respectfully “I cannot lean on the price!” and gets disrespectful as it progresses “The chopper is going to sing but it bites!” to almost a self reflection of how much she has been through so far “I know what I need and what I like…and I've been through the worst.” All while maintaining a stylish ego.

Artists have one of the hardest jobs when it comes to trying to live a normal life off the clock. Most artists take a single, sometimes an album, to reflect on their new fast paced lifestyle. Take a listen to Ayzha Nyree and her track, Noya. Out now! 

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