B Wit the C (amera): Brandon Russell [SwanoDown Report]

Written by Lucas Ballard 

In the ever evolving world of imagery, pictures still dictate much of what we consume on a daily basis. Photos tell stories and emanate an aura. These photos can take us to different spaces and give us a new respect for different places and people. For me, I always appreciated shots that are out in the world. I’m talking about those impromptu adventures where a photographer finds a cool spot and gets some of their friends to make a piece of art with them. Locations in the big city or settings in rural nature always stand out as it is not a set, rather the authentic thing. 

Brandon Russell, also known as B Da Cameraman, is an 18 year old photographer from Detroit, specializing in capturing natural shots. B’s photography spoke to me from a cinematic perspective. Having high clarity and elite composition, these images feel like you are there with the characters. There’s no padding or fixed narrative, merely the subject and the elements around them. Having drawn inspirations from legendary likenesses such as Gordon Parks, B’s collection of images really captures that raw and unfiltered imagery that Parks was famous for during the civil rights movement. With his still photos looking like something out of modern cinema, B seeks to shed the light on emerging young stars in the Detroit area (like Champagne Nxt Door).

B’s talents have been utilized in several different types of photoshoot scenarios ranging from proms to advertisements. The kid has got some serious talent and his artistry is only in the early stages. Watch hood vision book and peep his Instagram @b_da_cameraman.


  • Tonya Davis

    B, watching you grow up (while working with your mom and staying in touch there after) I knew you were destined for greatness. Keep your vision, the world is yours.

  • Pat Marks ( a friend of your mama's)

    B, you are so talented and can’t wait to see what happens in your future. You have an eye for spot pictures. So very proud of you!!

  • Rhonda

    This young talent has always be interested in the arts. His growth has been amazing to watch. I have enjoyed reading this well written article..kudos to Brandon Russell.

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