Bad Flamingo- Ain't Too Worried Yet (Track Review)

Written by Imani Wj Wright 

Well, if you aren't worried... neither am I sister. 

After The Wire, Breaking Bad is the greatest show of all time. I understand that this is a music/fashion site, but that's my TV opinion... *insert corny laugh.* 

When this fiery joint starts playing, I feel like I'm about to watch the most epic of episode of Breaking Bad.

Bad Flamingo does a phenomenal job of creating a rebellious atmosphere on their single, "Ain't Too Worried Yet." The guitar riff, in the opening moment is a musical staple for this piece. It stays steady throughout, and works quite cohesively with the lead vocals and percussion. There weren't any moments where the song  felt dull. They managed to stay in character via their vocal color, and overall charisma. We have a different level of respect for music that feels believable and  realistic. Who wants to listen to posers? 

The songwriting/song structure on this composition is undoubtedly professional. True artistry is shown here on this piece. 

Experience it:

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