Bassic- Currents (Instrumental Review)

Written by Chris Yangello 

It’s not every day that I have a chance to hear an artist who still appreciates the use of classic instruments as opposed to synthesizers and rap beats. Coming from a hip-hop based writer, learning about Bassic came across as a breath of fresh air. It wasn’t until I heard of his recent single, titled “Currents,” which led me to put more focus into who Bassic is.

After doing a bit more research on my own, I found out that he's a fledgling artist who has managed to amass over 5,000 followers already on his Instagram, as well as almost 16,000 monthly listeners on Spotify. These numbers are impressive for a budding artist such as Bassic, yet not as impressive as the song Currents itself.

As with everything released by Bassic, the vibes were absolutely incredible. There is so much positive energy going on within his music, that it’s genuinely tough for me to pick and choose which instruments are delighting my ears the most. As a festival owner, I could see Bassic on stage as a “chill” set in between my hip-hop artist performances.

Bassic is an artist like I’ve never seen. I’m not sure if I’ve ever been more confident that an artist will reach success in the same way I’ve felt about Bassic. If you have a moment, I definitely recommend you check out his Instagram (@maybebassic). Who knows, Bassic just might be your new favorite artist too!

Take a Listen to Currents:

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