Be Kind- We Lose (Track Review)

Written by Miles Monroe II

We Lose, the latest release from Be Kind, simply tells us what’s going on within our world today. We were on cruise control for so long, it took a worldwide pandemic to get everyone to sit down and pay attention to what the world is going through. Not only were we staying inside to protect ourselves from an airborne virus, we paid more attention to the news and were amazed at the reality we live in. This is a time specific piece from an artist who is informed on how life had gone almost all of 2020.

Be Kind delivers this message in such a standout way and gets real creative with the flow as he lets out his feelings towards the year. That was a year which we lost and also a year where we woke up and stood up for racial injustice, something that has never gone away. It became more prevalent throughout the years, but 2020 was our tipping point. We lost that year and it goes beyond living a normal life. We lost family members, time spent with our loved ones and gut wrenching losses that shook the world. We still lose even as they push out a vaccine to try and cure all of our ills. Solid piece from another dope artist. 

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