BÉE- Be (Track Review)

Written by Imani Wj Wright 

It's not always the "music," that brings you to tears in a song.

Let me dig deeper into that statement. On BÉE's single, Be, the piano is downright gorgeous, and so are her vocals. Though, the true stand out on this piece is her storytelling.

Even if this wasn't in the form of a composition, this story could stir emotions.

BÉE sings:

"You were there, when nobody dared to be. You look through my eyes and show me things I couldn't see. Tried to talk with you, it didn't succeed. Cause' I don't need to explain myself to you, cause' you let me be." 

The piece can be relatable to many, and isn't pigeonholed to just one form of relationship. The overarching motif of having someone/something and then being without them, can be true in several aspects of life. 

There's an immense level of professionalism for the entirety of "Be."

BÉE's vocals are undeniably crisp. Many of her elongated notes held so much unrestricted emotion. Chills overwhelmed my body. When paired with such vehement lyricism, this auditory experience is dense. 

BÉE's songwriting, relatability, and vocal timbre has quickly made her a SwanoDown favorite. 

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