Busy Barber- Ryan Carson [Report]

Written by Lucas “Lukey Lenz” Ballard

The world is full of blooming young actors making their way onto the scene through comedic skits on platforms such as Youtube, Instagram, and TikTok. From writer and director Mir, comes “Busy Barber” starring Ryan Carson, Chace Tate, and Nia Jackson. 

We’ve all had a terrible barber that just didn’t clip our hair right, and even if they did, the process wasn’t as clean as we’d hoped. We pick up with Ryan Carson’s character in the outside hallway of an apartment complex. We’re then introduced to Chace Tate and Nia Jackson’s characters arguing from the interior of the apartment. As Tate greets him at the door, he first  assumes he’s looking to buy a seemingly illicit product, but is then told by Carson that he is there for a haircut. Carson’s character is pretty straightforward in this skit making it even funnier with how genuine his responses are. Tate’s character is very antsy and even speaks on it. He’s most likely a bit edgy due to the fact of his high risk occupation, his relationship issues, and that this is his first time cutting hair. It makes for an interesting cocktail of feelings between both characters. Carson is just trying to get a haircut but it’s obvious Tate is distracted, constantly telling him to keep his head forward even though he’s not starting the haircut. After some more arguing with his girl, Tate finally goes in for the cut, stinging Carson’s neck. He stands up and is immediately met with severe hostility and eventually it escalates to a hilarious scuffle. We end the skit with a pistol being drawn and Ryan Carson’s character being forced to get a haircut.

The uncomfortability of Carson’s character was consistent and realistic throughout, giving you a sense of how a person may react given the situation. Along with this, the supporting cast of Chace Tate and Nia Jackson’s characters were more than complementary as they were over the top and nerve-racking to a new customer in Ryan. Mir put together a very engaging piece and told the story without using too much exposition. Along with this he and his crew did a great job capturing diegetic sound. There is a bright future for all of these folks!

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