Belaro - Grateful (Track Review)

Written by Kayla Allen 

“Grateful” is the ultimate break up song by an artist named Belaro. She takes an edgy and unconventional approach when it comes to making pop music her own. In “Grateful,” Belaro hits so many notes that some may see as risky and lands each one of them. Her vocal range and soft tone will take you through what the story creates. Lyrically, Belaro speaks of letting go of a partner who was just never grateful and she is strong enough to acknowledge she never needed them to begin with. “Even when you were f— up, you were better in my eyes, I was your biggest fan, you pushed me to the side and all I wanted was for you to be grateful.” Belaro chose to be vulnerable which is the number one essential aspect to producing a touching break up song.

Belaro is a Spanish-American artist who likes her music to take a step on the wild side of pop. She has plenty of other songs that will familiarize you with her as an artist like her last single “Scarlet” or “FGIRL” but trust me you will be pressing repeat! Don’t forget to add “Grateful” to your break up playlist or pop hits playlist!

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