Ben Beal x Mick Jenkins x SwuM- Action Figures (Track Review)

Written by Grayson Jones

Here, we have an oasis of vibes and sound. 

Today, Action figures, featuring Mick Jenkins, Ben Beal and Swum is the song under review. Since the song is made by some established artists, it’s easier to appreciate the sound and quality of the track. Overall a 7 out of 10, this hook by Mick Jenkins in tandem with Ben Beal’s verses give me a Mac Miller feeling. Needless to say the piece was nostalgic. 

Ben’s flow and delivery being so similar to what I heard before, I pay closer attention to the lyrics and cunning wordplay used by him. Something you would have to check out is Mick Jenkins' hook and word choice. He uses words I rarely hear in music like “ethos,” the "credibility aspect" of being persuasive. Little things like this make a song interesting and engaging for listeners like myself. 

A thoroughly enjoyable song, that in a way, feels like it was made separately, but naturally. Each artist brings their own strength to their verses. Maybe this is why the hook sounds like it is in a different atmosphere than the verse. There’s potential and passion in Ben Beal, with features from Mick Jenkins, I am sure he is in the right company to assure his success is only a matter of time. Check out Action Figures out now!

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