benison- Running From It (Track Review)

Written by Grayson Jones

Dive into benison's world, where the track "Running From It" taps into a universal truth- running from adversity, something many of us do too often.

This song cleverly weaves that bitter truth within a sweet rhythm, crafting a cheerful melody that conceals poignant emotions. The contrast between the upbeat rhythm and melancholic lyrics creates a spellbinding bittersweet harmony that can resonate deeply.

This style has found a home in the Indie era, drawing inspiration from artists like Frank Ocean, The Kid Laroi, and Post Malone. [b]enison's music acts as a mirror for their emotions, a vicarious journey for listeners into their world. The anticipation builds as we await the evolution of their artistry, eager to witness how their emotional depth and musical prowess will continue to captivate us.

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