Benjamin Banger- Lasagna [SwanoDown Report]

Written by Tyler Akles

Photo by Beth Banger

Benjamin Banger and Scoreswayze’s “Lasagna” is an upbeat track with a memorable instrumental and well-delivered lyrical finesse- making for an exciting listening experience.

The charged instrumentation has to be one of the most engaging displays of production I’ve heard in recent time. The melodic elements of the track are captivating and provide great rhythmic qualities to the track. The synth-based melody is simple, but it communicates exactly what the track wishes to achieve very clearly. The percussive elements are pique interest, as they deliver unorthodox rhythms when compared to instrumentals within the same style. The sound selection all-around in this production solidifies the high-energy of the track.

The artists add plenty to the track as well with their articulated and unique deliveries. Benjamin Banger and Scoreswayze, accompanied by Steeza and FinagoBaby made the track reach newer heights.

Every artist on this piece fits over the pockets created by the overarching atmosphere perfectly, and cosequently makes “Lasagna” a well-executed collaborative track. 

Check it out:

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