Benjamin Carter- Bad Habits (Track Review)

Written by Miles Monroe II 

I’m in awe and that’s from just how deep, yet soulful Benjamin's voice is when he blesses the track. I really didn’t expect that, but it kept me glued to every note sung. This is something different and unique. 

On Bad Habits, Benjamin Carter took us on a trip through his thoughts and what he deems as bad habits. We all have some that we have to decide whether to break away or let it consume us. I know I have some and it’s a struggle to break away from, but tomorrow’s another day to get into good habits.

The way he expresses an omission of those bad habits can create some dialogue within people fighting their own demons. Everyone’s bad habits are different, and can consume most of our time. This brings less balance to our lives and more confusion looking into the future. Benjamin Carter gives us those vibes that make you check yourself at the front door. There was some strong lyrics on Bad Habits, some that hit home and give a sense that he’s working through the struggles. This was a well crafted song from start to finish, a piece that I can put into rotation on my R&B playlist. 

Take a listen:

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