Benjiboykon: Paving His Way to Economic Freedom (Report)

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“Work ethic and passion go hand in hand. It takes work ethic to keep the business strong, and it takes passion to feel motivated enough to maintain a good worth ethic.

I believe passion is easily the most significant personality trait any successful entrepreneur has, and for obvious reasons. They’re successful because they choose to do what they love.” – Ben Walker, Forbes

When you take a look at 29 year-old entrepreneur Benjiboykon (Kon), you see many of the attributes and traits needed for one to be successful as their own “boss”. For one, as you analyze the Chicago native on Instagram, he has the image of someone you’d trust to take something from the ground up, and progressively push it to the next level. His confidence, sleek sense of style, and charisma make this clear. However, with his upbringing and role model father, his business acumen and direction shouldn’t come as a surprise. “My father owned real-estate and a trucking company. As I was growing up seeing my father ride in luxury cars and living in the nicest homes, I wanted the same for myself,” Said Kon.

Look at the photo above, you get a clear, but modest glimpse of the lifestyle Benjiboykon has created for himself, and continues to. His story is one that many should take inspiration from. At one point, Kon described his working conditions as being treated like a “slave.” He said he was risking his life lifting heavy furniture, just to amass $500 a week. He didn’t succumb to that position in his life, and devised a plan to enhance his monetary and social wealth. For that reason, he is in a position now to not only grow his company, but inspire those who look up to him and his journey. Sounds like the quintessential American dream doesn’t it? Maybe because it is.

I eventually woke up and realized that life was moving fast and I’m only getting older, and  that I want to live an expensive lifestyle. So, I decided to build my credit and watch YouTube and study a lot of wealthy people like Robert Kiyosaki. I then invested into real estate and exotic car rental business. I motivated a lot of kids and also people who work jobs. I then started a exotic trucking company called Benji Auto Transport and have been successful ever since,” Kon Stated.

Benjiboykon has 5 rental investment properties which bring in 90k yearly. He also owns a trucking company, which is Benji Auto Transport (as previously mentioned) hauling exotic cars around the United States. That was recently started in 2020. This company is expected to make 25k monthly and would roughly gross 300k yearly. He also makes about 30k monthly on Exotic Rental cars. Kon plans to buy land and start his own commercial real estate development to plant his seed in establishing  generational wealth.

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