Beyond the Wave: Salt Water Soul (Report)

Reported by Imani Wj Wright 

When you think of the beach, what are some of the first things that come to mind? The sand? Water? Surfboards? Those are all valid. But- how about fashion? Of course we don’t plan on wearing tuxedos or sneakers to the seas any time soon. Though styling in some colorful tees that simultaneously show our love for the aquatic atmosphere, and matching them with some slick snapbacks sounds like a good deal.

Beachwear brand, Salt Water Soul has been developing and cultivating a lifestyle for beachgoers through their impressive supply of clothing and accessories. Their products and apparel range from tank tops, shorts, and hoodies to koozies, decals, and face masks. What is one of the most eye popping attributes of Salt Water Soul is their consistency and dedication to their vibrant aesthetic. The colors used throughout their products stay on brand and don’t veer off the visual display that one becomes used to. Don’t get that confused though, Salt Water Soul still provides us with a variety of designs and even variations of the logo that can keep our decisions diverse. At times Salt Water Soul is stylized as: SALTWATERSOUL or Salt Water Soul, or SaltWater Soul. On the surface (no pun intended) that may seem not so relevant, but it is major in regards to the revolutionizing and forever creative aspect of the brand.

If you take the time to scroll through their instagram page, you can see that their clothes aren’t just appealing as stand alone pieces, they look just as good if not better whil actually being totoed and worn by people. The legtiamecy of this product is undeniable when you see several sizes and ages of people wearing Salt Water Soul, and all looking comfortable, stylish, anf fitting as the others.

Check out their website below and grab some new gear for the spring!

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