Big MG- The New Challenger of Hip Hop [Report]

Reported by SwanoDown

Big MG
is excited to announce that he is currently working on a new EP called My Audio Diary or 'M.A.D.' This EP is going to be different from anything MG has released before, as he really wants to introduce himself correctly through his music. He's been working hard in the studio to create a unique sound, and My Audio Diary delivers.

As a musician, MG is always looking for ways to improve his craft and push himself creatively. With 'M.A.D.', he really wanted to challenge himself and create something different for the Hip-Hop genre. After spending hours recording and capturing his sound with this EP, he's ready for the world to hear this epic labor of love.

Set to release Winter '22-'23, My Audio Diary sounds like the next record to take off for the new year. Unfil then, check out some of Big MG's other music on major streaming platforms. His most recent release “Rich and Ratchet,” a collaboration with Kia Shine, dropped Sept 30th with a unique sound and his debut release “Pop Out” generated over a quarter million YouTube views in days.

We're excited to see what Big MG has in store with My Audio Diary 'M.A.D.' He's been working hard in the studio, but in the meantime, he's keeping us hooked with multiple single releases leading up to the big drop.

His latest release “Never” released, Oct. 7
th '22, with the official music video shortly after.

Get ready for Big MG!

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