Biiig Stretch x Dee Dot Jones- Idgaf (Track Review)

Written by Grayson Jones

Raw passion is the best way I can describe Biiig stretch and Dee Dot Jones on this track Idgaf. The quote was “The world is empty and I don’t give a fuck.”  For me, this line was the most powerful part of the song. In actuality, the song is about a girl– but having a harsh outlook on her not being around can make life seem dull.  

With enough pain, the separation can bring heavy emotion to any artist, or any person for that matter. There is a natural tone of relaxation in these verses that feed off the atmosphere. The overlapping acoustics with a sweet drum pocket make for instrumentation that reminds me of "winding down." The general theme of the track is depressing, but the talent that comes from this dark place is what makes this it worth writing about. It’s almost like you don’t know how to feel, but you’re actively feeling every rhythm, pitch, and intention displayed.

There’s something about actively making your own album and not just being the performer that gives you a special insight and really helps the music develop. Biiig Stretch is perfecting his craft and has accumulated 83,000 listeners along the way (thus far). His latest album is called, Tiiime Stretch, a creative Lo-fi/Hip hop album. 

Check it out:

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