Black Naga- Permission (SwanoDown Report)

Reported by SwanoDown 

My second year of college started a few weeks ago, and the stress is already piling up. Whether it be upcoming assignments, exams, or keeping a good social life amongst everything else going on– college is stressful. People find relief from their stressors in their own varying ways. Sincerely, I enjoy listening to music while studying, at a party, or just trying to clear my head. When I’m picking the artists I listen to, I always try and make sure they match the vibe I’m looking for at that particular time.

Recently, I was looking for a bit of motivation through music, and I found it in an artist by the name of Black Naga. Black Naga is hands down one of the most unique and talented artists that I’ve ever listened to. I listened to his Spotify page in an effort to find motivation, and motivation is what I found!

In a recent EP titled Permission, Black Naga showcases every aspect of his pure vocal talent. And, if you’re an avid reader of mine, then you know I love highlighting an artist’s vocals. However, Black Naga’s are unmatched in style with many up-and-coming artists I’ve experienced in recent time. His ability to curate his voice to the instrumental of varying tracks  like “BOOM BOOM” and “NAMASTE” is what separates him from the pack. While that may seem like something every artist should be able to do, I cannot say I’ve seen many people do it at the same caliber as Black Naga.

If you’re looking to change up your artist catalog in music, then you should look no further than Black Naga. Whether it be his EP “Permission”, or other upcoming projects, I promise giving him a chance will not let you down! Ever since my first listen, I haven’t stopped. Be sure to check out the “Permission” EP available on Spotify using the link below or through any streaming service:

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